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Our Verification Service provides a simple, affordable, and effective solution to help confirm that individuals are who they say they are.

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About BGV

BGV (Background Verification) is a process that many organization carry out in order to verify the information provided by the candidates during hiring. It involves various checks in which the employer goes through the candidates education records, identity checks, resume checks, address checks etc.

What We Do

SecuVer Justdone is into pre and post employment background verifications. Our main objective is to be our clients first line of defence in terms of the right candidate joining them with the correct credentials.

Our aim is to give quality background check reports to our clients by using continual quality improvement processes, technology systems and highly competent human resources backed with the help of a strong network.

We onboard clients onto our web platform who can invite candidates and get the verified reports about the candidates.

Our Services

Employment Verification

In today's dynamic business environment, the process of hiring the right candidate has never been more critical....

Education Verification

Making well-informed hiring decisions is pivotal to the success of any organization. The education background of a candidate...

Reference Check

At SecuVer JustDone, our Reference Checks offer a comprehensive and detailed report that goes beyond the surface...

ID Check

In today's fast-paced world, ensuring the authenticity and security of an individual's identity has become more crucial than ever. ...

Address Verification

SecuVer JustDone is committed to simplifying your hiring process with our easy-to-use and reliable Address Verification service. ...

Court Records Check

Our Court Record Checks service provides a thorough examination of a candidate's legal history, ensuring you have a comprehensive ...

Database Check

The best way to check if your candidate data is reliable is to verify it with a government-approved site. ...

Drug Test

At SecuVer JustDone, we understand the significance of maintaining a safe and drug-free workplace. Our Drug Test...

Cibil Check

SecuVer JustDone recognizes the importance of financial trustworthiness when it comes to making critical ...

  • Get a strong, verified candidate
  • The right people for the right job

We know how frustrating it is to find out that the candidate you've found on LinkedIn doesn't have a degree, or that they've been lying about their work experience. With us, all that can be discovered quickly and easily.

We have developed the most precise candidate verification process to ensure that you never make an error on your hiring decision again. We match the right people for the right job.


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We're Here to Revolutionize BGV Using Cutting-Edge Technology

Here Accuracy Meets Efficiency! Our cutting-edge technology ensures swift and hassle-free background verifications. Experience the ease of obtaining precise reports in record time

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